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My lj is nothing special, just like a book where I can spread my feeling and my love. My love is Uchi Hiroki, so almost my entries are about him. The things about him I want to share were post in [info]uchi_daily  [info]original_pinku   honeytoastsubs   and [info]uchi_voice

In my lj, some entries are set in private or for friends. But all entries for sharing are always set in public.

I saw you...

I saw him!
3 months in Japan made 2 wishes of mine come true: Going to Japan and Watching Hiroki's concert. Until now all the great moments of last night are still on my mind. The concert last 2 hours and I really stayed in heaven during those precious 2 hours. 

I saw him!
A real Uchi Hiroki! Standing on stage, singing with all his might, holding his guitar! His cute gesture, his adorable face, his charming voice... Zepp Tokyo was so small that I could see him very clearly. There were many moments he walked to the middle stage and during those times, he was only 5-7 meters away from me!!! I reached out my hand, reached out my voice in order to narrow the distance.

Sometimes I felt that I was a bad fan when I only stood motionlessly instead of waving hands or screaming or jumping like people beside me. But I really really wanted to have some moments like that in order to watch him, see him, hear his voice quietly.

My friend told me to write the report XD But my poor English doesnt allow me to write a properly good report T_T So I'll note some moments I think they're worthy XD

- The concert was held in Zepp Tokyo *of course* (sorry for this superfluous information XD). It last from 6:30 PM to 8:40 PM.  But I came to Zepp Tokyo from 2:30PM because I was worried I would get lost XD I got the ticket thanks to the help of sohranna . One more time I wanna thank Sohra so so much. I wore the shirt having his name on it XD


Everyone had to stand to watch the concert, but thanks God I got a good place to see him clearly and not too far from the middle stage. Hiroki and Question? wore black suits in almost time of the show. Hiroki seemed to be getting fatter and he looked rather chubby with curly hair <3 But dont worry, he's still cute as usual ^o^
- I cant remember exactly how many songs Hiroki sang in that day. There were some new songs I have never heard before, but there was not any songs of Eito or News :(  During the show, Hiroki performed really enthusiastically. He rocked but he was still a drama queen with pouty face + gesture! 
 And here're the songs I knew + remembered:
Crave it
Ima koko ni
Master Key
Hi Hi Hirocky
Belive my story
Sukina dake Today
Kimi wo wasurenai
Yume no nake de
Nijiro no sora e
Share our heart
Parareru Warudo (Question? used to perform this song in Shokura 2010/10/15 but today Hiroki sang with them. I love this song and surely felt awesome to watch Hiroki sing it).

- In MC part, Hiroki and Question? showed us the pictures of their nearest trip (in China if I didnt hear wrong). During the trip, Hiroki got cold and he had to wear the mask :((
- Before the acoustic part, it seemed that there was a girl near the stage feeling not good. Hiroki was very very very nice when he was worried to ask if she was OK in 2 times and more (He also put the guitar down and came near to her place  *Lucky girl ><*). After that he apologized us for starting the acoustic part late!  (OH GENTLEMAN with cuteee gesture!)
-  During the encore, Hiroki changed the costume from suit to Santa clothes *Damnnnn cuteeee*. Yodi wore Xmas dress + a blond hair LOL. He sang, danced and wished us a merry Xmas with signature-balls on his pocket.  Oh I had an early happy Xmas !!!!!!!!!!

Goods of concert are a towel and photosets. I bought 3 photosets of Hiroki and the towel XD When I am back to my country in next week, I will scan them if until that time there's no any scans on fandom XD

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8:40PM, the concert was over!
I cried when he sang Nijiro no sore e and Share our heart - 2 songs of his I love most. And when the concert was over, I cried again. Because I didnt know when I could reach him so close like this!  Thanks Hiroki, for this wonderful night with wonderful songs. For giving me a dream and for helping me make this dream come true.

..... That day I saw you!


A very belated entry to celebrate your birthday ;__; Gomen Hiroki!
One more year has elapsed and I still love you  ♥ I'm ready for a new life but I think I cant be ready to stop loving you! My feelings for other idols have dropped a lot, but my feeling for you still hasnt changed!
And this afternoon, I bought a cake to celebrate. Not like
last year with a big cake and with a group of friends, this year I only had a small cake and with only a friend ^o^ But I still felt happy and touched. Because like I said before, special day has come ♥

Happy 24th birthday Hiroki!

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It's been a while! Outside it's raining so hard and almost 1:00 AM!

- Maybe I'm preparing for a life, which is different from this one! Maybe that's a life I dont want to live but I need to live! Some kids desire to be like Peter Pan but finally they have to grow up!

- My love never changes. Even though I've been quiet or disappeared!
- Happy Kansai debut day 25/8! Oh I remembered at this time of last year, I was still hoping for a miracle *strained smile* And so stupid I am when sometimes feeling missing to look back the past!
- Somehow in my heart
[info]uchi_daily has become something more than a community! Keep it always alive!

- Finally, prepare for Nagoya :)

Finally! Can be back!!!

Finally, I can be back!!!

1/ I swear that the pain in 20 minutes of th
e eye-surgery is not as extreme as nearly 2 weeks without net, TV, books etc. But finally I can be back! Oh I miss the civilization of Internet world so much >"< Miss Uchi, miss friends in my flist >"< But now I can see normally without glasses, really happy and excited ♥ Bye bye my being short-sighted!!

2/ In the first month, I have to cut down using computer, TV... Now I believe Mom found the reason to kick me out of the house instead of staying beside my laptop ~

3/ I couldnt  breathe when I saw the clear file and poster of Hiroki in ES o_0  And thanks Yue as well as Ai-chan to help me got them Ca
nt wait to see them with my own eyes >"<

4/ Lili-chan ♥ Tadaima ^o^  And thanks for your sweet caring

5/ Finally, seeing + comparing 2 pics. why so shocked o_0  And it's a real endless shock right ? o_0 (wanna kill the stylist >"<)


Off !!!

Off mọi phương tiện 2 tuần! Off rất đúng lúc!
Bạn Andy biết mình off nên hôm qua đánh như một đứa dở hơi để mấy ngày tới khỏi đấu Wim. Bạn Henin cũng biết mình off nên hôm qua đã thua Kim sau 3 sec đấu! Vui vãi =_=
Off mọi phương tiện! Mong sau 2 tuần, có thể phần nào dứt ra được cái máy tính ~
Ít nhất bây giờ mình đã phần nào không còn là fangirl nữa rồi!!!

Picspam Ryo-Uchi for Yue ^_^

Happy birthday bạn Yue :)) Y lời hứa, sinh nhật Yue bạn post entry về Ryochi cho Yue nè ;)) Ảnh ọt đã được resize để entry không bị load quá nặng, nhưng cơ mà chắc lũ ảnh này bạn Yue cũng có trong máy rồi :"> Thôi thì ngắm lại nhé, dù sao hai anh cũng đẹp, ngắm đến lác mắt vẫn không thấy chán nhở 8->

Sinh nhật Yue bạn ma đã tính đúng ngày 22 quà sẽ được chuyển vô HCM. Cơ mà do mấy ngày qua trời nóng một cách khủng bố, nóng kỉ lục suốt 50 năm qua, nóng tới mức đi ra đường vào bất cứ thời khắc nào không khác gì một hình phạt tra tấn man rợ thời trung cổ T_T Nên bạn ma cứ nằm lỳ ở nhà chống nóng không đi mua quà cho Yue được. Xong rồi đến hôm nay mát giời, bạn lượn cả chiều vẫn chưa tìm được cái gì ưng ý cho Yue T__T (Cơ mà đọc một hồi thấy toàn lý do lý trấu ~).  Đành khất quà Yue sau sinh nhật vậy T__T  Thôi thì bạn Yue xin dòm tạm cái đống pic pam này, coi như món quà tinh thần trước 8-> Vật chất sẽ được chuyển vô sau :">

Tổng số ảnh là 88 cái đó, số đẹp ghê :x Mà xin thề là lúc bạn lọc ảnh rồi đi upload không hề có chủ định đếm, ai ngờ nó ra số đẹp thế này. ĐỊNH MỆNH XD Bởi vì 8->1 Forever !!!!

Dài dòng quá, mời bạn dòm và HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

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